• Aidin Salamzadeh University of Tehran, (IRAN)
  • Mirjana Radović Marković University Business Academy, (SERBIA)
  • Yashar Salamzadeh University Sains Malaysia, (MALAYSIA)


Economic resilience, Entrepreneurship, Emerging concept


Resilience is an emerging concept used to examine economic performance and responses to exogenous shocks such as the financial crisis and recession. Relying on a review of the literature on emerging academic articles in this field, the article explores how entrepreneurship is key to maintaining a dynamic economy and shows that it stands out in expert debates as a key aspect in creating more resilient economies. Namely, through the development of a conceptual framework we considered the links between economic resilience and entrepreneurship. In line with this economic resilience is analyzed at different levels. As a final result of this analysis, we came to the conclusion that the entrepreneur plays a decisive role in achieving the firm's resilience and economic systems.


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