Special Issue information

A special issue focuses on a specific area of research that has a broad appeal and falls within the aims and scope of the journal.

We added several special issues because articles published in special issues are often cited more frequently than articles published in regular issues . In addition, articles are often published more quickly than regular articles.This suits many authors who have papers that meet all the criteria of the journal and need to be published faster in order to  defend their doctoral thesis or be promoted at the workplace.


  • Peer review process for manuscripts submitted to Special Issues

Special issue articles are reviewed by no fewer than two independent experts to ensure the quality, originality and novelty of the work published. The articles are typically reviewed by two external and independent reviewers.

All articles submitted for potential inclusion in a special issue would successfully pass the peer review process.


  • Proposal for authors

Working together with guest editors, we always prepare a proposal for authors and special issue guide  .


  • Ethical responsibilities of guest editors

Please note that special issues are subject to the same strict and rigorous ethical principles as regular journal issues. If unethical practices are detected, a special issue will be cancelled by the Editor-in-Chief.