Special Issue - Interdisciplinary approach to Resilience

The objective of this Special Issue is to analyze the ways of the companies responding to the corona virus crisis. The Special Issue framework is as following:
  1. From risk management to strategic resilience
  2.  Measures to a resilient post pandemic recovery
  3. How energy transitions can help to build resilient national economies
  4. Building resilience in the post-COVID-19 workplaces
  5. Teleworking beyond times of Crisis
  6. The role of digital transformation in enhancing business resilience

We are inviting you and your team to contribute work to this special issue. Researchers who would like to be considered for participation in this special  should submit, via email attachment jebroffice@gmail.com

the title of their paper, an extended (1,000-1,500 words) abstract, and the affiliations of all authors. Full article submission is until to 29 May 2023. Publication date is  after acceptance. Fee is same for regular and special issue.  

Edited by Prof. Dr Macanović Nebojša ,

University Banja Luka , Banja Luka, BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA

 article submission deadline 29 May 2023


Thank you for consideration,

Editorial team